Season 2020

Thank you to those who have recommitted to the club and welcome to all the new players.

A special welcome to our Coach for this season - Paul Johnson. I am sure that with what we have seen so far, this season under Paul , we will see improvement in all grades.

This season we have seen the Committee expand. I would like to thank those who have recommitted to the Club and those who are new for jumping on board.

Ben Stewart - Ben’s main role will be looking after the junior’s side of cricket as well as helping out with the seniors.
Leigh Clarke - Clarkey will be helping Paul with the senior side and will also Captain the A Grade.
Jock Campbell - Jock once again will be in charge of the wicket and also looking after the finances.
Brian Collins - Collo is new to the club and has been around the club with both football and cricket all his life. Collo will be helping Jock with the finances and sponsorhip.
Scott Gray - Scott will be helping Jock with the grounds and the everyday running of the club.
Jo Hughes - Jo will be looking after sponsorship with Collo and also involved in the social side for the club.
Damian Black - Blacky is back on the committee this year. He will be helping with the juniors.
Phil Bracher - Brach is back on the committee and has offerred to help with finances and senior cricket.
Damien Jones - Has taken on the role of secretary to help Mil, who is currently overseas. DJ also looks after the practice wickets.

Thank you to all the committee for volunteering to take on the various roles.

This season is important for the Club as a whole in taking steps forward both on and off the field.

We have had good numbers particularly in the juniors, and there has been good numbers at the senior level.

There are a number of non-negotiables that the committee expects from every player:

  1. Listen to what your coaches have to say. We’re confident that we have put the right people in place. Show them some repect.
  2. You are representing the Wodonga Raiders Cricket Club. When you are playing, show respect to the umpires and the opposition. We do not want to see or hear about bad behaviour from any of our players at any level.
  3. Get involved in the Club. There are different areas that you can all help the committee with.
  4. Enjoy your cricket and enjoy being with your team mates.
  5. If you have any issues that you want to talk to someone about, see me. Let me know so that the issue/s can be addressed.
Good luck for the season.

Brian Glass *


Tuesday, 12th December

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